At Concept Builders we believe that true leadership comes from influence, congruence and integrity.

It involves managing relationships, communicating within a team, and expressing a vision.

Your Team of Constant Professionals


Mark Gross - President
Mark Gross
Sheila Mayo - Vice President
Sheila Mayo


Randy Pryor - Sr. Project Manager
Randy Pryor
Rachel Pedraza - Operations Manager
Rachel Pedraza
Jamie Phan - Controller
Jamie Phan
Lisa Ybarra - Administrative
Lisa Ybarra
Orlando Guerrero - Superintendent
Orlando Guerrero


Mobile: (210) 861-9166

Doug Patterson - Superintendent
Doug Patterson


Mobile: (828) 371-3589

Michael Dolan - Superintendent
Michael Dolan
Christian Gross - Project Manager
Christian Gross
Lee Elley - Project Manager
Lee Elley
Jared Hill - Project Manager
Jared Hill

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